Royal Brackla for sale


This 12-year-old version is fit for a king: elegant and complex at the same time, this scotch gives pride of place to notes of almonds, vine fruits and subtle spices.


Founded in 1812 by Captain William Fraser, the ROYAL BRACKLA distillery is one of the oldest distilleries in the world. This Single Malt quickly won the favor of the King himself and showed that its letters of nobility went beyond the scope of its name. Distinguished in 1833 by order of King William IV of the United Kingdom, it is the first whiskey to receive royal approval. In 1838, Queen Victoria reiterated the honors, thus hoisting ROYAL BRACKLA among the most highly rated whiskeys of her generation.

Its sweet, herbaceous flavors are the result of a meticulous manufacturing process: culminating in a 72 hour fermentation, the longest lasting in the industry, this whiskey is also distilled in taller stills than in the customary. After a period of aging in bourbon casks, it is its maturation for 6 months in sherry casks that gives ROYAL BRACKLA a soft and fruity finish, melting in the mouth.

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